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KRF Profiles – Amy

Amy YergenHi, my name is Amy Yergen and I’m the new communications coordinator here at KRF. I’ve only been here for two months, but I’m already very excited about the program and pretty amazed at all the talent I’ve seen so far.

Something that’s really stood out to me is just how dedicated the relationship is between the students, the teachers, and their craft. The teachers care about their students, how they learning, if they’re doing well. They get up and perform together, and every moment that mentorship dynamic is at work.

The students are so excited to perform, to try new things. I met Matt, Brayden, and Christian on our Ukulele Extravaganza night. The three of them basically took charge of the event, and they were incredible. Matt actually played a song that he had written himself.

It really went beyond rote memorization, all three of them had completely internalized the music and were able to share it with us as something that was now a part of them. Rather than something they were just reading off the page.

Kids Rock Free® is special because of these relationships, because of the willingness of our teachers to offer their passion and in turn, guide the students in finding theirs. This dedication pushes our students’ youthful fervor and helps it grow into real art.

KRF Profiles – Diana

photo 2Hi everyone, I’m Diana Conenna, Education Coordinator at KRF. I’ve been involved with Kids Rock Free® for seven years, since 2007.

I wanted to come onto our new blog and talk a bit about KRF and my personal experience here so that people can really see into our organization and everything new that’s going on right now.

My favorite thing about working here is to see the growth in the kids, to see how much they learn. They start off fragile beginners, and grow into their strength like trees. It’s amazing seeing their physical growth, watching little babies come in, in our Piano classes we allow students as young as five years old, and we get to see them follow through the program until the age of 17. That’s a physical transformation, but we also get to see them really spread their wings musically. Some kids don’t know their right from their left when they get here, and when they graduate they have the confidence of a true rockstar on stage.

I also love that we’re a nonprofit. Everything we do goes to something important. I feel good about myself in my position, because I know that the people I’m really working for are our kids. I feel personally blessed here, it’s given me even more than I’ve given to it.

This is KRF’s first profile series; stay tuned for part two.