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Mike Peters of The Alarm! @ Fender Center!


Mike Peters of The Alarm will appear at the Fender Center Rhythm Lounge on April 26, 2014 at 8 p.m., doors open for VIP at 7 p.m. and General Admission at 7:30 p.m. Mike Peters will be featured at a Master Class earlier in the day on one of his favorite past times, sharing his music for philanthropic purposes.

KRF’s special Master Class with Mike Peters will be held April 26, 2014 from 2-4 p.m. This unique opportunity will be free for KRF students and $15 for all others. Make the most of


this rare event. KRF will allow you a time to experience the mentorship of a true master of music. Peters will share his background, personal musical journey, and where music has taken him in his life. Peters believes that music brings true healing due to his personal health struggle, and connection to music.

In the mid-nineties, Peters was diagnosed and, over time, made a recovery from lymph cancer. In 2005, Peters discovered that he was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Since then, he began a cancer foundation called Love Hope Strength to help others with their fight. During KRF’s special event, Peters will demonstrate music that heals, stimulates,

 and brings joy.

mike-petersPeters class will be followed by a VIP reception and concert. The VIP pre-concert reception includes Meet & Greet with artist, two complimentary wine/soft drink tickets, munchies and preferred seating prior to GA entry. GA Tickets are $20, VIP with Meet & Greet are $40. There will be a special discount for a Concert and Master Class Package. For more information on how you can join Mike Peters at Fender Center please call the KRF office at 951-735-2440 or visit PurplePass for tickets. The Fender Center is located at 365 N Main St. Corona, CA 92880.




Learning to Rock

Just before the holidays I overheard a couple of students chatting here at KRF on their way home. The boy was bemoaning making the same mistake over and over and his sister, who couldn’t have been more than eleven, turned to her brother and quoted Batman Begins:


Sandy* was right, getting over mistakes just takes practice. Putting in hard work really makes a difference. You can listen to the latest recordings from our KRF Band: Cutting Edge


 We don’t just need to learn a task in order to perform it well; we need to overlearn it. Decades of research have shown that superior performance requires practicing beyond the point of mastery. The perfect execution of a piano sonata … doesn’t mark the end of practice; it signals that the crucial part of the session is just getting underway.
Over-Practicing Makes Perfect | TIME 

Help our kids practice, by sharing the gift of music!

*names have been changed 🙂