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How KRF Changed My Life – Part 2


Age 13
Bass Guitar


Kids Rock Free really changed my life. Before joining the bass class on Thursdays, I hardly knew how to play a note on bass. I really have learned a lot in Lee Zimmer’s class, like how to play tons of songs, riffs, and scales. Now I can play in bands or even just jam out by myself or with a friend. I now play with a band once a week, and without Kids Rock Free I would never had been able to do that. Not only have I learned so much on the bass, I also made tons of new friends! Kids Rock Free has really change my life in tons of awesome ways. 

A Special Thank You

Thank You - Logo Font


To everyone from Close the Box and Nature By Numbers,

Thank you so much for coming out and performing at Fender® Center on Saturday. All of you were amazing and your performance was spectacular. We are so lucky here at Kids Rock Free® to be able to work with so many wonderfully talented performers.

But more than that, we are so lucky to work with performers who care.

Because of you, the Kids Rock Free education program continues on. Here at KRF, it is our ongoing mission to fill our community not only with music education, but with passion for the arts.

This past week, Executive Director Pamela Hogan spoke on behalf of the National Endowment for the Arts to defend them from another threat to their budget, and to share how necessary and vital programs like Kids Rock Free are throughout the country.

Though there continue to be detractors, KRF thanks you for endeavoring with us to bridge the gap between kids, knowledge, and the vitality that passion brings. Passion for music is passion for life. Thank you for striving with us.

How KRF Changed My Life – Part 1


Age 15
Electric Guitar

Joining Kids Rock Free has really impacted my life. Attending class every Wednesday has driven me to become more motivated to practice playing on a daily basis. Music has been very important to me, even as a younger child. Now, as I proceed on my journey to becoming a guitarist, my only passion is motivating others to follow and achieve their goals through the power of music. I plan to take what Fender has taught me and make an impact on the world.