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KRF Bands Rock the Organ like Santana!

hammond organ

Getting ready for the move has meant a discovery of buried treasure in the KRF warehouse.

This past month, a Hammond Organ was discovered. Ruben Guaderrama, our guitar instructor, and Skylar Allingham, our student intern, muscled it up to the Band Room to get it cleaned up and working.

At first there was a bit of a problem. The warehouse contained a Leslie speaker cabinet to project the organ’s sound, and the Leslie is usually standard technology for this model. But our particular Hammond was not compatible.

Ruben says “The Hammond is a staple of older rock & pop records, we really want the kids to be able to experience the full spectrum of music. While a keyboard has settings to simulate an organ’s sound, it’s a very different experience to learn on the real thing and KRF strives to be authentic.”

Eventually, a new speaker cabinet was found in the warehouse, that only needed a few small repairs.

Vicki Woods, our piano instructor, is also excited to introduce the organ to her students. Vicki originally learned to play on the organ and organ music is one of her passions. When we spoke to Ruben he told us–There’s a second organ that needs some repairs. Soon we’ll have a Hammond in the keyboard room and one in the band room–that way everyone who wants access will have it right at their fingertips!

Do you love the organ? Ask Mr. Ruben, Ms. Vicki or student, Drew Karsanow, for a demonstration of the unique sound.

IMG_1110    IMG_1111

Summer Master Classes from KRF!

Lukas NelsonLukas Nelson & P.O.T.R.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – sometimes referred to as POTR – is an American rock group based out of California. The band consists of Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar), Anthony Logerfo (drums), Corey McCormick (bass), and Tato Melgar (percussion).

P. O. T. R. will appear at the Fender® Center Rhythm Lounge on Aug 16, 2014 for a concert and master class.

Our master class is a unique opportunity that will be free for KRF students and $15 for all others. Make the most of this rare event  to experience the mentorship of a true music master.

Casey AbramsCasey Abrams

Casey Abrams is an American musician and multi-instrumentalist from Idyllwild, California who was a contestant on American Idol and ended as a finalist. Abrams will appear at the Fender® Center Rhythm Lounge in  concert and master class on September 20, 2014.

This will be the very first American Idol contestant that Fender® Center has ever hosted, which makes this a one-time opportunity. Casey Abrams is a fun and unique artist who continues to create compelling art. This is your opportunity to hear about his experience straight from his lips.

This master class is a magical opportunity that will be free for KRF students and $15 for all others.

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Summer Concert Series

krf_moving_postcard-1Kids Rock Free® will host three major concerts at the Fender® Center this season, before we move into the Civic Center.

These concerts will sponsor free music lessons for kids. Indoor and outdoor concerts will not look the same after Kids Rock Free expands to the Civic Center and the City remodels the building into a Community Center.

“In the intimate Rhythm Lounge, audiences feel like they are a part of the concert surrounded by the cool rock ‘n roll décor. Outdoors the amphitheater is magical. Audiences shouldn’t miss one of the last chances to see a concert there,” said Gregg Hassler of Golden Crown Productions. At each concert there will be incentives to purchase tickets for the Laguna Beach Home raffle and silent auctions for Fender® Center memorabilia. Buy a raffle ticket for later, win a concert ticket now.

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Lukas Nelson and his band P.O.T.R. continue to make noteworthy musical contributions – together and separately. “We are so pleased to have the band return to support the Kids Rock Free® Music School,” said Pam Hogan, director. The Aug. 16th concert tickets are being sold at $25 for the concert only or $50 for a VIP ticket (includes wine at Meet & Greet with artist in the Fender® Museum & more). Doors open for VIP Reception at 6:30PM, for GA ticket holders at 7:30PM. Concert starts at 8PM.

On Sept. 20th Casey Abrams will perform his first concert at Fender® Center. See this local rising mega-star in the Rhythm Lounge. Tickets are on sale for $25 GA or $50 for a VIP ticket (includes Meet & Greet with artist & more). All concerts include a no-host bar and touring the Fender exhibits.

Lukas Nelson and Casey Abrams will each hold an unplugged Master Class on the day of their concerts. Meet the musicians and hear their stories, $15 per ticket at 2pm. KRF students may attend the master classes for free. Master Class and Concert ticket packages are available now at or the office at 951-735-2440.

Bobby Kimball, Original vocalist of Toto, will light up the Fender® Center outdoor stage. Summer outdoor concerts are thrilling at the Steve Miller Amphitheater. Add in a Silent Auction of Fender® Center memorabilia and you have a winning night. VIP guests will be treated to a light dinner reception, Meet & Greet and concert seating up front. Tickets are $80 or $150 per couple. GA seats are $35. VIP reception opens at 6:30pm, GA gate at 7:00pm. A no-host bar and food for sale will add to the party on the grass. We are pleased to have Corona’s own Electric Ash open the concert and the Kids Rock Free® band to rock the audience.

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How KRF Changed My Life – Carson

Age 9



I like “Kids Rock Free” because Lee Zimmer is nice and he makes sense. If I don’t understand, he helps me. I get excited when it’s the day of my guitar lesson. When I play I feel happy and relaxed. I’m thinking “I’m doing it!” reading music makes me feel smart. School is complicated for me sometimes but guitar relaxes my brain. I want this guitar because I want to teach my big brother. He usually teaches me, but now I can teach him.