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The Show Must Go On

A lot of people forget that being a musician is a job like all others. It requires humility, dependability and professionalism. Every interaction is essentially a business meeting and that meeting has to go well. Here at Kids Rock Free we cover every aspect of what it means to be a musician because it’s not just your instruments that you need to master.

No Surrender put this knowledge to the test at NAMM 2017. The band was rained out of their Centerstage location, but took all in stride and made the best out of their situation. And can we give it up for Jacob’s stool percussion skills?

When it’s all said and done we can try our best to plan for the road ahead, but we can’t always predict what’s about to hit us. We must stay calm and positive, keep putting one foot in front of the other when it hits. All we can do is have the confidence to get through those sticky situations.

No Surrender did just that. With an unmistakable passion, and talent that permeates any and all of their surroundings, they gave us a heck of a show.

KRF Bands Rock the Organ like Santana!

hammond organ

Getting ready for the move has meant a discovery of buried treasure in the KRF warehouse.

This past month, a Hammond Organ was discovered. Ruben Guaderrama, our guitar instructor, and Skylar Allingham, our student intern, muscled it up to the Band Room to get it cleaned up and working.

At first there was a bit of a problem. The warehouse contained a Leslie speaker cabinet to project the organ’s sound, and the Leslie is usually standard technology for this model. But our particular Hammond was not compatible.

Ruben says “The Hammond is a staple of older rock & pop records, we really want the kids to be able to experience the full spectrum of music. While a keyboard has settings to simulate an organ’s sound, it’s a very different experience to learn on the real thing and KRF strives to be authentic.”

Eventually, a new speaker cabinet was found in the warehouse, that only needed a few small repairs.

Vicki Woods, our piano instructor, is also excited to introduce the organ to her students. Vicki originally learned to play on the organ and organ music is one of her passions. When we spoke to Ruben he told us–There’s a second organ that needs some repairs. Soon we’ll have a Hammond in the keyboard room and one in the band room–that way everyone who wants access will have it right at their fingertips!

Do you love the organ? Ask Mr. Ruben, Ms. Vicki or student, Drew Karsanow, for a demonstration of the unique sound.

IMG_1110    IMG_1111

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

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From everyone here at Kids Rock Free® at Fender® Center for the Performing Arts, thank you for showing your support: the D’Addario Foundation, Riverside County EDA, Union Pacific Foundation, and the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation for our 1st quarter  of 2014.Classical Guitar 2009 Pic 4

You have kept music in the hands of our kids! We are so grateful to you for not only showing how much you value our organization, but showing how you value music and the arts in our community.  Thank you for helping us continue to imbue others with the joy and dedication that true music appreciation brings.

Looking for a Blues Getaway…………in the Bahamas?



Blues Kids Foundation Cruise in a Roundtrip from Port Canaveral, Florida!

We will set sail with Royal Caribbean International. Join us for a 4 night sailing with two sea days experience on the “Vision of the Seas” that’ll champion your inner star.
Sessions and workshops for children and adults will be directed by Chicago Bluesman and educator Fernando Jones, himself. This package is ideal for parents who want to bring their Blues playing child-musician ages 12 to 17 along on vacation to play with like-minded others . . . and the weekend warrior who simply wants to take center stage, while on vacation. On the last day the participants will perform in concert. All Blues instruments welcome.

More Info & Tickets