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We believe that music is an expression of who you are

Guitar – Rock out that melody loud and strong, I’m electric, I’m acoustic, I like to stand out from the crowd

Bass –keep up that bass line, keep up that rhythm, I look like I’m in the background, my strength runs deep

Piano – soft or loud, smooth or amplified; I like to switch things up

Voice – I sing the lead, I sing the harmony, I love the feel of projecting music from my body

Drums – Do you hear that rhythm, do you feel that beat? You can’t have a rock band without me, I’m never underrated

Drum Line
Combo Band
Vocal Showcase
Community Performance

Music education at Fender® Center offers a multitude of musical experiences befitting every personality. Whether you like the feel of smooth piano keys, flexing those guitar strings, or beating out a rhythm on drums.

Lessons are accessible to students of all ages and experience levels. Students can start as young as 3 in our Musical Kids Program. We have an Introduction To Music Program for children 5-6 years of age in vocal, piano, guitar, and drums. All other lessons and levels are available through our Youth (age 7-17) and Adult (18+) programs. No matter your background, we’re here for you.