Intro to Rock

Here at Kids Rock Free (KRF), students at all levels are welcome, and no student is ever turned away due to their lack of experience or skill. Our program consists of four sessions, each spanning ten weeks. Lessons are taught once a week so that each session consists of ten lessons. 

KRF lessons include Beginnings Level 1-4, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. But students may choose to continue in a level if they feel it will be helpful. There are students of all ages at every level, so no child should ever feel embarrassed about where they begin.

KRF is invested in ensemble performance, even at the earliest learning levels. Student showcases are ideal for showing family and friends what was learned in class and accomplished through practice. Teacher-to-student and peer-to-peer relationships support a welcoming environment that encourages students to build self-esteem by sharing their music.  At school concerts students are exposed to multiple musical styles and instruments opening up new avenues on their musical journey. The showcases provide a goal that helps students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing their own progress and that of their peers.


Beginner Level 1

Prerequisite: None

Description: This is an ten-week course that is designed to give the student an understanding of basic music skills and technique as well as beginning music theory. The course covers identifying the main parts of the instrument, note reading, and playing simple songs.

Beginner Level 2

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1, or audition by an instructor.

Description: This is a ten-week music course that continues where Level 1 ended. This ten-week beginning music course continues in basic note reading and simple songs.

Beginner Level 3

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2, or audition by an instructor.

Description: This is a ten-week music course that continues where Level 2 ended. The course covers performing more structurally complex songs, technical development, and more.

Beginner Level 4

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 3, or audition by an instructor.

Description: This is an ten-week music course that continues where Level 3 ended. The course covers reading notes, performing several popular songs in complete structure, technical development, and more.


Intermediate Level

Those students that complete Levels 1 – 4 are placed in the Intermediate music class. Areas of study include more advanced reading notation, improvisation strategies, performance of popular music of varying genres. Materials used for this class are a combination of original materials and arrangements, song charts, excerpts from periodicals, and several method books.


Advanced Level

Students that do well in the Intermediate Level, and show a strong willingness to grow as a musician, are placed in the Advanced Level. Most of the students that are in this class are also in performance groups at their high school and in the KRF band program. The areas of study are similar to the intermediate but with a higher level of performance.