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Musical Kids is a fun, interactive music education class for ages 3-6 years and a great way to introduce your child to the joys of learning a musical instrument. Musical Kids has been in a rockin’ partnership with Fender® Center for the past 6 years. We are always looking for little friends to fill the Kids Rock Free halls with the sounds of hand bells and rhythm sticks, Enroll now! We are currently enrolling so give us a call!

SATURDAYS 9:45-10:30am (AGES 3-6) Summer Session starts July 14th

Interest for a summer 2018 Wednesday class is being collected June 13 – July 9.   Call 951 735-2440 to add your child’s name to the list if you can’t attend on Saturdays.

 $10  (Introductory Class Only)

Miss Brittany & Miss Andrea have spent the past 10 years designing the Musical Kids program. With over 200 activities and a high energy curriculum, your child will learn about music theory, instruments, rhythm, movement, balance, theater and stage confidence! Here is just the tip of our musical iceberg:

Rock out to our “Rock the Note” song to learn about the Quarter Note, Half Note & Whole Note. Learn Allegro (fast music) and Largo (slow music) by becoming cats and mice — when the music changes so do we Follow the ball with your voice — when you throw the ball up your voice goes up… there’s so much more fun to see and experience. You’ll be amazed how much they learn by singing and dancing along with the lessons. Register online or contact our office 951.735.2440.