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How KRF Changed My Life – Part 2


Age 13
Bass Guitar


Kids Rock Free really changed my life. Before joining the bass class on Thursdays, I hardly knew how to play a note on bass. I really have learned a lot in Lee Zimmer’s class, like how to play tons of songs, riffs, and scales. Now I can play in bands or even just jam out by myself or with a friend. I now play with a band once a week, and without Kids Rock Free I would never had been able to do that. Not only have I learned so much on the bass, I also made tons of new friends! Kids Rock Free has really change my life in tons of awesome ways. 

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

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From everyone here at Kids Rock Free® at Fender® Center for the Performing Arts, thank you for showing your support: the D’Addario Foundation, Riverside County EDA, Union Pacific Foundation, and the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation for our 1st quarter  of 2014.Classical Guitar 2009 Pic 4

You have kept music in the hands of our kids! We are so grateful to you for not only showing how much you value our organization, but showing how you value music and the arts in our community.  Thank you for helping us continue to imbue others with the joy and dedication that true music appreciation brings.

KRF Profiles – Vicki Woods

VickiMy name is Vicki Woods, and I’ve worked at Kids Rock Free® for eight years.

I think my favorite thing about working here is that I love watching the kids grow, both in talent and inches. I just step back sometimes and marvel as I watch life unfold before my eyes.

Sometimes I look at a class that is really getting into a song, and I remember how some of them struggled at first. I remember a kid’s “light-bulb moment.” It’s great when they finally get it, how to do something on their own. Unfortunately, a teacher’s job is to work herself out of a job: that’s when a student takes the knowledge and runs with it. When they find their own voice, and mature into a true artist.

I love working for Kids Rock Free because we help instill good habits that apply to all aspects of life. Practice, persistence, determination, problem solving, are all things that music education brings. We also help kids find, within themselves, the optimism and confidence that they really do have the ability and the drive to learn.

I also try to show them how to practice efficiently, spending less time but accomplishing better results. This can be applied to homework habits, and scheduling chores to take less time. That will leave more time for fun!

KRF Profiles – Kayla

photo 1I’m Kayla LaMaster and I’ve been involved with Kids Rock Free® almost my whole life.  I took piano lessons when I was nine years old before the current Fender® Center was built.  The lessons were in a small house.  My sister worked here before me, and I have worked here for almost three and a half years.

I think this gives me a unique experience, because I grew up at KRF and now I’m watching other kids grow up in the KRF family too!

Watching kids grow in the program is actually amazing.  I think about some students that were in middle school when I started working here are now in high school and learning to drive.  They go from being really shy to acting like real hams.  Even students show differences from their first session to a second.

When students learn how to read music they are learning a foreign language.  Research has proven that learning music improves a child’s grades in school.  I do however truly believe Kids Rock Free goes beyond learning how to play music.  I remember a student who was very shy and would barely say anything to anyone.  He was involved in a band, which he loved, but was still very quiet. After two years he is so different!  He says hello every time he comes into the building for class or band rehearsal.  He talks and hangs out with his band mates.  And best of all, he really rocks the piano.

In my estimation the confidence that comes from performing and the self-esteem building has a huge impact. It had a big impact on me, and on the kids I’ve gotten to know here.