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How KRF Changed My Life – Part 2


Age 13
Bass Guitar


Kids Rock Free really changed my life. Before joining the bass class on Thursdays, I hardly knew how to play a note on bass. I really have learned a lot in Lee Zimmer’s class, like how to play tons of songs, riffs, and scales. Now I can play in bands or even just jam out by myself or with a friend. I now play with a band once a week, and without Kids Rock Free I would never had been able to do that. Not only have I learned so much on the bass, I also made tons of new friends! Kids Rock Free has really change my life in tons of awesome ways. 

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

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From everyone here at Kids Rock Free® at Fender® Center for the Performing Arts, thank you for showing your support: the D’Addario Foundation, Riverside County EDA, Union Pacific Foundation, and the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation for our 1st quarter  of 2014.Classical Guitar 2009 Pic 4

You have kept music in the hands of our kids! We are so grateful to you for not only showing how much you value our organization, but showing how you value music and the arts in our community.  Thank you for helping us continue to imbue others with the joy and dedication that true music appreciation brings.

Special Kudos to the March Vocal Showcase Performers!

Vocal FlyerWhat a rousing crowd welcomed the KRF Vocal Students in the Rhythm Lounge March 6th! Family friends, babies in strollers and proud grandparents with all manner of recording devices came out to support the brave performers. The program included class performances, solos, and duets that rocked us, awed us and made us smile.

Where does an eight year old get the strength to jump on stage, grab the mic, wait for the music to start and belt out that song that is in his or her heart? I watched with pride that I would have the smallest role in the process of bringing this show to Fender Center. Fender Center’s nonprofit status means that we rely on a multitude of financial supporters, volunteers and community goodwill to provide the training to aspiring artists and the great place for them to perform.

When Mr. Chris Diaz first walked in the door to our music school I knew that he not only had the heart to teach youth he had talents that we would not find anywhere else. How many songs did he expertly play for the performers at the show? I lost count after a dozen. He also understands and handles the technology to support the students’ musical wishes with such ease. What dedication to promoting the students’ desire to learn. Producing the show and practicing all those songs must have taken hours and hours. And have you heard the man sing? Just ask him, maybe he’ll share a song with you. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Diaz at Kids Rock Free, we have only begun to see the fruits of his work with our kids.

Though most of the audience grabbed seats closest to the stage, I had the best seat in the house at the very rear of the room where I witnessed time and again how returning performers melted in the most welcoming bear hugs from loved ones. One young man was enveloped by his mother and then quickly surrounded by more men, women and young siblings or cousins than I could count. His STAR-maker machinery is on overdrive, what a lucky young man!

Our students showed us anything worth doing is worth doing well and that is something that deserves supporting. Thank you all for your ongoing participation and support to keep a song in the hearts of all our students.

Close the Box Performs at Fender Center to Benefit Kids Rock Free

close the box

Close the Box is coming to Fender Center! Saturday April 5th, Bill Giles (bass), Casey Jones (vocals, acoustic guitar), Scott Grant (keyboards, vocals), Alex Zimmer (guitar), Paul Zimmer (drums), and Lee Zimmer (guitar, vocals) will perform hits from your Prog Rock favorites.

A band made up of highly accomplished and diverse musicians, Close the Box joined together to perform music that spans four decades of the best progressive rock. Close the Box pays homage to the prog rock genre that has produced some of the most inspiring and influential music: Yes, Rush, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Genesis, and more.

Opening for Close the Box is Nature by Numbers. Nature by Numbers is a progressive, experimental rock band that formed in 2010. Their members include Garret Bever (guitar), Chris Golen (bass), John Hoik (drums), Thomas Golden (vocals), and Joel Martinez (guitar). These five have worked tirelessly to redefine and craft an original sound. On Facebook.

All this for only $10 per ticket!

Kids Rock Free student tickets are only $5. Concert proceeds will support the Kids Rock Free® (KRF) music education at Fender Center. These talented musicians are donating their time and talent to raise funds to purchase updated sound recording equipment for student learning and use. Sound engineering has exploded in recent years. KRF wants to share this important component of music education with its current and future students. The audience can expect the regular Rhythm Lounge treatment with a cash bar for the over 21 set, sandwiches and soft drinks for purchase and a raffle of rock memorabilia.

For tickets call the KRF office at 951.735.2440
Or get tickets online!

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