Volunteers have an enormous impact on Kids Rock Free, as well as the greater Corona community. Whether you’re a parent interested in volunteer hours as part of our music lesson payment plan, a musician with a passion for sharing your talents, or a student with community service hours to fulfill, we are excited to meet you!

Polish Your Resume
Community work is a great way to enhance your work skills, as well as show your achievements on a resume. When you volunteer, you’ll have the guidance of people who have risen in their field teaching you what to do and developing your abilities.

Develop Your Network
Networking is really just another way of saying you are making friends. Networking is a great opportunity to have friends in many different places that are tied back to the field you’re interested in. When you volunteer, you foster relationships with people in the organization you volunteer for, but there are other people who see you volunteering too and on whom you make an impression upon.

Enhance Your Mind
One of the best ways to learn is by doing. A great way to gain experience in a job is to volunteer. Join us in setting up for events, welcoming visiting artists or teaching young minds about music.  We’ll show you all you need to know.

Make an Impact
When you are involved with your community you are helping to build it up into a positive environment. One person lending a hand sparks others to help too, and before you know it, you see a warm bright future ahead for everyone. Volunteering gives you the experience you need to become a leader in your neighborhood. Strong volunteers make strong citizens—you are the foundation of our world.

To become a volunteer please submit a resume and a cover letter in the body of your email: including why you believe in music education and its benefits. Volunteer duties will work to your strengths, but may include light office work and event organization.

Call 951.735.2440
Or email info@kidsrockfree.org
Subject line: Internship