Why Music Education?

It doesn’t take much time or web browsing to find multiple answers to that question. I can point you to many sites that have accumulated the data, such as NAMM.org, NAME.org and Daddario.com.  Besides being fun, which should be all the reason you need; there are many specialists that have proven numerous benefits to be enjoyed by young students of music.  To list them all here I would most likely lose your interest but you should know that brain development of the music student prepares them for increased language development, enhanced reading and math skills, better listening capacity and more academic achievements. But did you know that manual dexterity is improved with instrument playing? How about physical stamina and endurance?  You may have heard people say that arts enrich your life.  Many cultures don’t consider their children’s educations complete without music in it.

I think that one of the best reasons that I heard a mother give her son for taking music lessons was that as a musician he would be the most popular guy in the room.

Which reason to study music works for you?