A Place to Be Free

Listen to one of our bands performing I’d Rather Go Blind

About Us

Here at Kids Rock Free® (KRF) at Fender® Center, freedom is in the air with unrestricted access to music. Here is the ability to carve out your own personal niche and uncover the artist within.

KRF, founded in July of 1998 as a private, 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is committed to creating and maintaining a world-class educational facility to grant kids the freedom to learn and express their passion for music.

The continuing goal of Kids Rock Free at Fender Center is to provide the community with a music school that welcomes kids and adults to learn and experience the arts in a safe, compassionate environment where no youth are ever turned away for inability to pay. We assist low-income families with KRF scholarships so that the children have access to music lessons that offer them the special benefits music Ed can provide, including creativity, academic achievement and self-confidence. Because we still believe that In a perfect world…Kids Rock Free.

Fundraisers donations, grants and special events benefit Kids Rock Free® School of Music via student scholarships and special programming.

Kids Rock Free is a proud member of Arts Alive, Cultural Arts Council of Corona and Americans for the Arts.